OUTED – Season 1 (2017) dir. Joseph Alan Smith (in production)

The F Word – Season 1 (2017) dir. Nicole Opper
**Official Selection: LA Film Fest, Frameline41**

Visitor’s Day (2016) dir. Nicole Opper
**Official Selection: AFI Docs, Mill Valley Film Festival, Denver Film Festival, DOC NYC**

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (additional music) (2016) dir. Andrew Wakefield
**Manhattan Film Festival, Silver Springs Film Festival

PRIX (2015) dir. Rene Amador
**Mill Valley Film Festival**

Earn The Day (2015) dir. Daniel Lichtenberg
**SF DocFest 2016, Alameda International Film Fest, Long Day Short Film Festival**

Framed Targets (2015) dir. Daniel Lichtenberg
**SF DocFest 2015

Bikes+Business (2014) dir. Sarah Gonzalez
**SF Urban Film Fest

I Meant To Say Please Pass the Sugar (2014) dir. Daniel Lichtenberg

The Disordered (2013) dir. Daniel Lichtenberg

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